ගණිතය හා සතුට 3,4,5


Learn ganithaya (maths) in a student friendly and fun manner. Our games are created for a student centered learning enviornment. Student learns on his/her own speed. A proven product to increase awareness of a subject leaving the student educated, motivated and inquisitive about the subject and more.

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Our latest addition to the game titles is the educational maths series ‘Ganithaya Ha Sathuta’. ‘Ganithaya Ha Sathuta’ is a book series by W.O.T. Fernando and has been a bestseller in Sri Lanka for over 25 years. The game takes questions/lessons from the books and turns them into an adventure game filled with 240 questions, broken into 20 levels, in 5 different games.

The game is suitable for grade 3,4,5 students and is in Sinhala and English to help pass the scholarship exam and also to learn maths in a fun environment.
The game is playable on PC (XP SP2 upwards) or Mac (OS X upwards).
1 GB space is recommend to install the games to PC.